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Nobody to kill.

Upgraded to windows 7 recently. One of the biggest problem I see is the CPU goes to 100% usage sometimes and when I open Task Manager Process window, I can’t find the bloody culprit. Chrome 5, iexplore 8, explore

  1. Then how is my CPU bloody 100?

Now that I am being conscious of my behavior, I used to derive a pleasure in killing processes whenever this happens. CPU goes to 100%, the system becomes slow, your mouse movement is impaired.. You open the task manager with great difficulty, then Kill the culprit. and wow! Everything is normal again, your dual core is up on full throttle. Your mouse is smooth as cake. You hit the caps lock and the indicator light comes up in a flash. all By the act of your killing. What a satisfaction!

Now , I can’t seem to find any culprit to kill in windows 7. and that makes me sad. Is that bad?

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