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MacSequel – A native MAC OSX GUI query tool for Oracle

Introducing MacSequel – a made-for-mac-osx query tool for oracle. This is my first experience writing objective-C code. This is how MacSequel looks:

Macsequel - a native mac osx query tool for oracle

I am recently working on a web-project backed primarily by Oracle Database. Though most of my earlier projects used MySql, this is not the first time I am working with Oracle. I’ve had so many times in the past where a client has demanded that an app to be run on Oracle. One of the biggest troubles I’ve had in working with Oracle is the lack of a decent native osx client(a query tool).

During such times, every other day I actively google for a few minutes looking for a simple native-mac GUI for oracle and then after failing to find one, get back to SQLDeveloper. And SQLDeveloper sucks. At least on my mac. At least for the simple things I do everyday. Takes a long time load, consumes huge memory and just dosen’t have that “Something” that other native Sql tools have(For eg., Sequel Pro which is a great for mysql).

So I decided to make one. I’ve been a Java(and swing) developer all my life, so the first step was to convince myself to move away from java for this project. Once I did that, it wasn’t that difficult. I will try to post a few more articles or the troubles I faced which might be useful to someone trying to write objective-c code for the first time.

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