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Introducing Fanbatis 0.4

The biggest change is on Sqlmaps which have been enhanced to make the DSLs do more work.

This was the old way to query

class BlogSqlMap : SqlMap{
  Blog getBlogBySubject(Str subject){
        select * from blog where subject = #{subject}

Here’s the new and sexy way

class BlogSql {
  Blog getBlogBySubject(Str subject){
       select * from blog where subject = #{subject}

If you want you can embed sqlmaps directly in the domain object, for eg.,

class Blog{
  static Blog findById(Int id){S<|
      select * from blog where id = #{id}

and call it like


Note: This however might or might not be a good idea. If for example you are using fanquery and Fantom on client, this might not be really good idea since these methods doesn’t make much sense in Javascript.

The Filter class has been removed and you and write any custom where clause directly in the Db.one or Db.list methods. eg

Blog[] blogs := Db.list(Blog#, "subject = #{param.subject}", ["subject", "My Blog"])

Apart from these big changes, there are few performance improvements and some bug fixes.

Read Fanbatis docs

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