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Chrome plugin to deal with Hacker News ‘unknown or expired link’

Hacker news has one minor irritation - The ‘unknown or expired link’ thing. Happens when

Here’s a chrome plugin I just wrote that’ll automate these two

Install Plugin


Here’s what it looks like

For fixing “more” pages, the plugin adds an anchor #n to the link that tells us the page’s location from homepage. When a page gets loaded with “unknown or expired link”, the plugin goes back to the homepage and fetches until the nth page. (Note: Due to the way voting works links are constantly rearranged and for example the 3rd page now might have links you have just read in the 2nd page)

For the comment page, it adds one more “comment” button

The new comment button refreshes this page in background, fetches the new fnid , updates the current page’s form, then submits the comment. Since this is a little slower, you can always try the regular “comment” button first and if it doesn’t work, hit back button and then hit the new comment button.

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